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Effective Presentations

In today’s socially-networked mobile-everywhere subscribe-by-email society, the potential impact of a real live speech has never been more valuable. A great presentation can encourage serious reflection, stimulate emotion, and even provoke an audience to action, better than any mobile technology can hope to achieve.

But keeping your audience’s attention has never been more difficult. Your audience is conditioned to consume information in tiny bite-size nuggets, not sit attentively through your entire presentation. How will you break through the noise?

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Effective Teamwork

What is the biggest obstacle to your team’s productivity and communication? Believe it or not, it’s probably email.

The centrality of email to the average workday is wreaking havoc on everything that matters to your business. It decreases productivity, impedes effective communication, and diminishes team cohesion and support. The worst part is, email is only one of the many distractions you and your team face on an hourly basis. How can you make a change for the better?

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Effective Branding

For the first time in history, smart brands have the opportunity to connect directly with their customers and community any time of day, without delays or gatekeepers. The problem is, so does your competition.

Social media saturation and constant connection means entirely new opportunities for the “person-brand”—speakers, athletes, and thought leaders—as well as new challenges for companies vying for ever-diminishing attention. How can you cut through the noise and actually reach your intended audience?

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Effective Learning

The harsh reality is this: the attention span of the average student, from the teen in class to the adult in a workshop, continues to decrease. The teacher must compete with an ever-deepening relationship with (and dependence on) technology in education.

But hope is not lost. There are specific, tested strategies that can reclaim attention in the classroom and restore learning. Are you ready to recondition your students?

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What We Do


Our research and analysis covers a range of issues at the intersection of communication, technology, and effectiveness.


Our keynotes and workshops, led by our team of gifted communicators, provide unique strategies that drive real results.


We offer direct consultations for individuals and teams that want to improve their communication and relationship to technology.

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…some of the most respected names in business, professional sports and collegiate sports.

“Promentum has been a valued partner for me. I can’t recommend them enough for anyone who seeks to hone their message and present it effectively.”

Darren Woodson

3 Time Super Bowl champion, 5 time Pro Bowl NFL safety and current ESPN analyst

“Promentum’s team are amazingly gifted media trainers, speech writers, and coaches. They have a unique ability to rapidly improve your communication skills and ensure your intent is communicated clearly. Promentum has played a critical role in my success.”

Lauren 'Lolo' Scruggs

Author of 'Still Lolo', E! News guest correspondent

“Promentum will increase your performance on stage, on camera, and in life. I highly recommend them if you are serious about winning when it comes to communications. I use them and they have helped me tremendously!”

Jenn Brown

ESPN Sideline Reporter

“Recently, an organization I work with faced an unexpected and fast moving crisis. Curt quickly brought real expertise to bear – helping us make sense of the challenges ahead and to develop an effective communications strategy in response. As a result, we were able to communicate well, and thoughtfully and respectfully address the challenge at same time. His partnership made all the difference.”

David Hobbet

McKinsey & Company

“Every coach in America can benefit from improving their communication skills, and Promentum’s approach is second to none.”

Grant Teaff

Executive Director AFCA

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